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As readers, our take-aways from literature are very individual. Discussing and sharing these takeaways is part of growing as readers and developing reading culture. However, spaces for readers to connect are often unavailable, or, just uncomfortable. Our vision for THE CONVERSATION is to connect readers of young fiction, of all shapes and sizes, within a welcoming, idea-sparking space.

We conceptualised THE CONVERSATION as a third space where three reader lenses intersect: experience, understanding, and idealogical beliefs. Discussing a story while these three reader lenses are at play clarifies and exteriorizes the thinking of readers in ways that clarify their ideas and identities. Both casual and accepting of diverse backgrounds, our book club aims to foster conversation that helps adults understand that all children as unique.


Of course, we won’t really know how reading a book has shaped our mind, our identities, and our underlying philosophies, on children's literature until we engage in conversations with others.

A comfortable environment, with honest exchanges. This is what THE CONVERSATION is all about. 

The Conversation welcomes you to join us and – if you’re up to it – schedule a conversation on your own.


To join The Conversation, watch our recordings and join our next web meeting here.

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